Artists at VOTE Kick Off at Resurrection After Exoneration

It was another beautiful summer day in New Orleans, and this one found me taking the Surly downtown for popsicles with S., S., and R. and then a tour around the Cabildo, learning a little New Orleans and Louisiana history. It was too cold too cold in there, so afterward we warmed back up in the sun before cooling down again with some iced tea–mine peppermint, hers black. We then lazily walked our bikes over to St. Bernard for the kick off event for VOTE: Voters Organized to Educate at Resurrection After Exoneration. This new group is being formed as the political arm of Voice of the Ex-Offender, and it will organize an important voice to demand new politics and policies at all levels that will make sense for people whose lives have been touched by the criminal (in)justice system. The event brought lots of folks together for food, speeches, and music. I snapped this photo while Knowledge is Born played guitar and other artists added lyrics about struggles they face living in a world of injustice, poverty, prejudice, and change. It was so good to hear, and in their words, All hands on deck, cause all hands on necks. Join them–it’s a vital fight, and I thank them for leading it.

One thought on “Artists at VOTE Kick Off at Resurrection After Exoneration

  1. While not a navy guy, I’ve been told by navy guys that “all hands on deck” is the command meant to prepare for parades, presentations or shows of some kind. “Battle stations” is the command for getting down with some shit. Tougher to rhyme with, however.

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