Gates of Prayer Cemetery on Arabella and Garfield

I set out with big intentions today, but the cold that I’ve been denying for a couple days finally kept me to a day in the office and then home again. I needed some groceries before sequestering myself on the couch for a movie. I rode down Arabella headed to the fancy grocery store, and stopped to take a picture of this small cemetery at Arabella and Garfield. I meant to take a picture of all the old headstones lined up against their crypts on the outer ring of the cemetery. I’m not sure how old they are, but the Gates of Prayer cemetery opened a long time ago, in 1853, as one of the city’s Hebrew cemeteries. There’s a history here that I’d like to know more about. But I’m a bit under the weather to talk about that tonight. I’ve just enough energy to tell you that the sky was brilliant this late afternoon following a day of wicked downpours. I love the way the clouds stretch out like this. And I love living in a city where this is my view as I pedal slowly home on a Friday afternoon.

3 thoughts on “Gates of Prayer Cemetery on Arabella and Garfield

  1. I often ride through both of the cemeteries through which Hillary Street runs (the gates are usually open) before it ends at Spruce Street, squeezed out by the nice square grid of streets that Zimpel created when he originally subdivided the property that ultimately became the town of Carrollton, and the lower line of the property, appropriately named Lowerline Street.

  2. Kate, The next time you are in the Boston area have someone take you to the Mt Auburn cemetry in Cambridge. Besides the historical significance of some of those buried there, it is also a wonderful place for birdwatchers. Or, just to enjoy the flora.

  3. One of the best places to ride in the East Bay is Mountain View Cemetery in Oakland. Definiitely check it out when you’re here (if you haven’t done so already).

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