Flowering Tree Near Newcomb Hall at Tulane

It was yet another beautiful early fall day in New Orleans. I hopped on the bike to head to school early, and the air was just a teensy bit cool–perfect. I taught and taught and lunched and taught and by the end of the day I had a really impressive headache lodged behind my left eye. Ugh. I did not feel like doing anything but lying around in the dark, but I got on my bike and headed down to the gym. Then I discovered I’d left work I needed at the office. Sigh. Monday on Wednesday. Pedal, pedal, pedal back Uptown. Turned out, though, as usual, that a spin around town on the bike made everything look better. I got my work and headed back downtown toward home. I stopped to take a picture of this tree outside of Newcomb Hall on campus. I don’t know what kind of tree it is, but they are all over town and are making the air all over the city smell like peach tea. At first I thought that smell came from my new hand soap or college girls, but it’s everywhere–a little cloying, maybe, but today I liked it, dancing on the air after a long day. And on another note entirely, that’s some serious bike parking over there. The racks are always full, no matter how many they add. Nice.

3 thoughts on “Flowering Tree Near Newcomb Hall at Tulane

  1. That’s got to be a Sweet Olive tree. My absolute favorite smell in the world. Bike behind St. Louis cathedral on Royal. The garden where the statue of Jesus stands is FULL of them!


  2. Yes, all the Sweet Olive trees just started to blossom. Every year the one next to my front porch reminds me it needs to be trimmed, but I can never bring myself to do it until it’s finished blooming. Then, of course, I forget about it until the next year. The university architect is working hard on a new “green campus” plan that would include new bike racks, shuttles and shuttle stops, incentives to use RTA busses, maybe even (gasp!) a bike path on campus.

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