The Sweet Spot Van For Sale at S. Liberty & Foucher

The weather today was just crazy–humid, sunny, raining, really windy. I hopped on the bike and rode up to campus for lunch and some writing in the office. It was spitting rain when I headed downtown to the gym, but it was this really weird rain–I could see it but it never seemed to quite hit me. I don’t think I travel with an invisible umbrella, so I’m going with it just being weird weather. I zipped around trying to find a smooth rode and ended up here, at South Liberty and Foucher, where you can find a van for sale–The Sweet Spot, a traveling snowball stand and/or church–apparently, according to the back of the van, Jesus Saves. I wonder how long it has been sitting here, and it it has been there as long as the car facing it that’s rusting away, up on its axles. This just seemed such the New Orleans scene–the beautiful sky roped with power lines, abandoned vehicles, a rusting metal facade next to a building being taken over by vines. But it’s not just a scene. It’s a neighborhood. People live here. We’ve got to figure out what to do about blight.

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