Official Ballot at Austerlitz Street Baptist Church

Hey, hey, it’s election day! My electronical universe was full of people telling me they voted, telling me to remember to vote, telling me that voting is irrational, or pointless, or that it’s all just part of a pageant that makes it seem like we live in a democracy when actually the system is hopelessly broken. Here’s the thing. I believe in democracy. I believe ours is corrupted in lots of ways, for sure. That’s why I’m one civically engaged mofo. Voting is not the beginning and end of democratic ideals or community-building, or figuring out how to live together with people who aren’t like us. That’s a project. This is just voting. But it hasn’t always been just voting, and for a lot of people, it still isn’t just voting. People have fought and died to claim the right to vote, and I am going to honor that struggle. And until somebody comes up with a better plan than democracy, I’m going to get on my bike and pedal through the rain to Austerlitz Street Baptist Church, step into the curtained booth, and press the buttons to light up the green X on all these constitutional amendments, judges, representatives, and senators. I hit the button on today’s ballot, rode home and sat the rest of the day out of that rain, resting my legs for tomorrow.

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