Yellow Flowering Tree at Constance & Annunciation

Do you ever have those days where you just feel exhausted in the very marrow of your bones? Today was that kind of day for me. Which meant that as much as I wanted to ride my  bike to the Po Boy Fest or the Congo Square Rhythms Festival or out to Chalmette, I walked to brunch and then straight back home to laze about with my cats and The Grapes of Wrath. I can’t believe they let high school kids read this anti-capitalist, anti-private property, anti-disciplinary state apparatus screed, or that there isn’t a revolution of the working class led by high school juniors every year. Everybody should read this book. Anyway. Sometimes I need to force myself to stay off the bike long enough to recover. But I don’t like to stay off my bicycle. So by 4:00 I was clipping in to the Surly and heading to the grocery store–a slow pedal to work out the kinks. I stopped at Constantinople and Annunciation to take a picture of this brilliant yellow blooming tree, a bright spot in a rather gray day. One of the things I love about this town is that every “season” brings these treats that pop up in technicolor and remind you that you live in the natural world, and that nature is seriously cool. I continued my ride and my shopping, stopped back at home to deposit my perishables, and then rode to meet S. for a short ride downtown to try the new holiday pumpkin pinkberry. I rode home the long way so I could ride the new bike lane on Common Street–the city has a way of reminding you that you live in the human-made world, and that humans can make bike lanes wherever they please, if they have the will, even if it only goes four blocks. Me, I’ll take all the bike lane I can get. A lovely Sunday, and now it is time to go to sleep.

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