Great (or Grey) Heron at Lake Pontchartrain

I finally felt better today, which meant it was time for a bike ride. New Orleans is treating us to 80 degree weather in late November, so lucky me hopped on the Surly and headed to the lake. After getting stuck in a series of cul-de-sacs over near Lakeshore–that’s what happens when they close my route for levee construction–I finally made it to Lake Pontchartrain, where I sat, listened to the wind, ate a banana, and felt thankful for my health and a most perfect afternoon. As I was pedaling away I spotted this bird just hanging out, enjoying the day. I love this part of New Orleans, where you can step outside and see a giant egret snacking on your lawn, or ride your bike just a few miles and see water all the way to the horizon, fish jumping, and this grey (or great?) heron taking a stroll. I rode back downtown against the wind for a quick trip to the gym, and then back to Mid-City to lie in R.’s hammock and stare at the clouds moving underneath the stars. Yes, yes, it’s good to be home.

3 thoughts on “Great (or Grey) Heron at Lake Pontchartrain

  1. The photo is interesting in so many ways. Beautiful cloud formation. If you enlarge it there are two windsurfers, to the left of the sailboat. And of course when you isolate the Great Blue Heron, it’s a nice picture by itself.

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