Moon Over Toulouse & N. Carrollton

I spent my early afternoon like everyone else in New Orleans–watching the Saints lose a heartbreaker to the Ravens. I spent the game half watching/half planning Baby’s First Solo Camping Trip. This little trip is going to need a camp stove, so after the game I hopped on the Surly and headed over to the sporting goods store to do some shopping. It was cool and sunny out, and I had the whole rest of the day free to ride wherever I wanted to ride–vacations are so much more fun with a bicycle.  After picking out a stove, I took a picture of the almost-full moon rising. It was just so pretty already, against the pinking sky with those palm trees (where do I live?) and ye olde street lampe. I decided to pedal over to Old Metairie for some frozen yogurt with candy on top. I scarfed that down and then headed back to Uptown for a quick visit with N. and then over to Carrollton for dinner with K. But mostly I was just riding around thinking about how I have a whole lifetime to ride around, and I’ve got pretty much everything I need to ride around and camp wherever I like. Today was just one of those days when I feel just plain lucky to be living my life.

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