Rain at Jones Hall on Tulane’s Campus

I had one of those days today when you leave for the office for 9:00am and don’t get home until after 10:00pm and you were pretty much working every second of that time and the only bike ride was the commute. The great thing about commuting by bike is that even on packed-full days like this one, you get to ride your bike. When I left in the morning it was warm and humid, clouds rolling in. I knew the rain would start at some point, and I would end up riding in the rain. Yep–it was spitting rain after class #3, and by the time I was standing in front of Jones Hall talking to E. after my faculty seminar, it was just plain raining. I took this picture as I talked on the phone, not because I thought I could wait this one out–you can just tell when it’s a ten minute downpour versus a steady ten hour rain–but because I knew I would get wet on the ride home, so there was no rush. I finally got on the bike, put my head down, and got home–not my favorite kind of ride, but at least I got to ride my bike.

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