Twilight at Easton Park at St. Peter & N. Lopez

Today’s ride took me up to campus for class, which was awesome, because the writer of the book we’re reading came and answered all our questions. How great is that? After getting some work done in the office and stopping at home to rest and read another book, I got back on the bike and headed down to Bayou St. John for the first meeting of volunteers for this April’s Patois Human Rights Film Festival. I volunteered with the festival last year, and it was wonderful. The films were fantastic, the organizers and other volunteers were interesting and inspiring, and it lead to all good things for me. I saw a couple of familiar faces at the meeting, and met some new people–including a guy who rides that silver frame lovely with the yellow-wrapped drop bars that I’ve seen locked up around town. This year’s schedule looks good again, and the meeting got me excited for another go around. I took the long way home, starting at Easton Park. Kids were still playing at the far end of the park, but the lights weren’t coming on. It was darker by the time I got to the park on Lafitte across Claiborne, but those lights weren’t on either. A couple were, but not the ones by the basketball court, and that’s where folks were hanging out. I zipped through the CBD and Central City on my way Uptown, passing by A.L. Davis Park, where all the lights were on and the entire space was being used. Because it’s like that in New Orleans right now–warm, humid days with cool nights, when you’d rather be outside than in. More lights, please.

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