Hornets vs Grizzlies From Section 318

I am feeling so much better. Today I actually felt like myself again–the self I like hanging out with. I happily got on my bike and headed up to campus to meet with students and do a little grading. After a quick stop at home and an early dinner with R. I headed down to New Orleans Arena for the Hornets game, locking up to a kick-ass rack right by the doors. I got my ticket via one of those mass coupon machines that is made for the curious bachelorette like me. All I knew was I’d be in the balcony. I was seriously in the balcony. I just kept climbing and climbing, balancing my giant beer, until I finally just sat down. I’m not going to lie–I found it all a little overwhelming. And then the lights came down and the big screen (which was below me) showed a music video and then it was just ad after ad after ad with a little basketball thrown in. I found the whole thing overstimulating in a not-entirely=pleasant way. But the ride home was–over to M. & M.’s for a party, and then back home on empty streets. Oh, it felt so good.

2 thoughts on “Hornets vs Grizzlies From Section 318

  1. I really enjoy your blog. You have motivated to bust out my old bike and enjoy the ride. Btw what camera are you using? Thanks

    • Thanks, Frank! Isn’t it great to just ride, no hurry? As for the camera, sometimes I use my phone, other times a Nikon point-and-shoot digital camera. I am most assuredly *not* a photographer!

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