Housing Piles at MLK & St. Charles


It was absolutely perfect out there in New Orleans today. It was just a touch cooler and just a touch drier, and by the time I left work this afternoon, it wasn’t even windy. I headed toward Mid-City with a plan to stare at the lake, but my desire to avoid rush hour traffic pushed me off course and through Central City. I found some smooth asphalt on MLK, and spun across Claiborne before stopping at Galvez to put on my sunglasses. I chatted with my sister for awhile while waving the “how you doin'” to the passing cars. I snapped this picture of the posts of a new B.W. Cooper will go. Maybe. Someday, but definitely not before we get Mr. Peanut Park over on Simon Bolivar. But also this picture is of that tree against that blue sky, but wait, also of chain link fence. Many scenes in New Orleans today, many feelings.

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