Blue Sky, Clouds, and Power Lines at N. Peters & Bienville

I spent my morning finishing up my book and dismantling furniture for my upcoming move before heading out on the bike for various and sundry social activities in Mid-City. I stopped for a burrito and an afternoon sangria with myself–a favorite Saturday afternoon activity of mine. Afterward I unlocked my double-locked bike (I get more and more paranoid the longer I ride) and headed over to Mid-City. I looked over my shoulder before entering traffic (safety first!) and noticed the power lines against the blue sky and clouds. Of course they have been there forever, but even though I ride my bike on that very street a couple times a week, I’ve never really noticed this tall tower with the arms and the wires and such. That’s the thing about riding around every day, same routes over and over again: change the vantage point just a wee bit, and it’s a whole different view. I rode my bike to a music festival, a backyard party, a drive-in movie, and home again, but that’s what I really saw on my bike today.

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