Open Car Window in Central City

I was a little anxious about riding my bike this afternoon after yesterday’s literal run-in with that car, but what else can you do but get back on the bike? After a morning spent watching a movie and taking a nap, I aired up my tires and headed uptown to J.’s for a long afternoon brunch with a whole passel of friends and acquaintances. I passed this car on my ride, parked in Central City, its passenger side window down or broken out, though I didn’t see any glass on the street. The side mirror was shattered–no, it wasn’t me–but it kind of looked like somebody just left it open. I rode back past it on my way back, after a long afternoon lazing about and then getting coffee and a cookie, and the car was just as I left it. Nobody had tried to steal the thing or even take the CD out of the side door, because for the most part, folks are good, even if the occasional asshole rear ends you when you are riding a bicycle. I hope the driver of this car continues today’s good fortune. And that it doesn’t rain. Today’s ride was a bit tough, but because it was hot and I’m tired, not because I’m any more scared than I was yesterday, and for that I am grateful.

4 thoughts on “Open Car Window in Central City

  1. Oddly, I found myself no more scared of cars after being knocked down in March, than I was before. I think you just have to consider how many cars have passed without incident, versus the one which did not.

    Thank goodness you were unhurt. Keep your head up, and continue to enjoy the ride!

  2. My neighbor leaves his car doors unlock so that people stop breaking his windows (mid-city). Of course, he made the mistake of leaving tools in there a couple times.

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