Cloudy Skies Over Lake Pontchartrain

Yesterday’s attempt to get a bike ride in to change the mood was foiled by rain, but today, after getting some writing done at home,  some grading done at the coffee shoppe, and a scoop of ice cream, I got on the bike and headed out for a ride. Yep, that was just what I needed–to pedal and pedal and pedal along on the smooth asphalt on Marconi Drive. I got to the lake and settled in to watch the ducks flying and that one great blue heron walk up and down the steps on the levee like he was looking for his seat at the theatre. I snapped this picture of the sky with clouds rolling in and idly wondered if I’d get caught in the rain. I chatted with E. on the phone and then got back on the bike, only to be caught in the rain. D’oh. Thing is, when you’re in a good mood from being on the bike and are on a bike trail so that cars can’t hit you, riding in the rain is awesome. I stopped for food, waited through another downpour, and then rode back home. Yep, I just needed a bike ride.

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