Traffic at St. Charles & MLK


I flew back to New Orleans today after a week setting up my new life in Baltimore. The weird thing about transitional periods is that the are, well, transitional. I’m in my second sublet of the summer–all my stuff is packed in boxes in my office that’s not really my office anymore–and I’m just here for three more weeks before I go back, and I really just want to get to riding those hills in Baltimore so I can get better at it, but I also don’t want to leave New Orleans. I mean, I know how to live in this town and how to bike around it, and it’s kind of scary to think about actually living in that sprawling metropolis! And the biking! I know these streets, all the cracks and traffic patterns and tendencies of cars and pedestrians, and I trust myself to ride in a straight line no matter where I’m riding, which means that I’m never really afraid. I snapped this picture while waiting for my turn at the light on St. Charles and Martin Luther King, watching the cars go by, listening to the streetcar come up behind me, avoiding joggers on the tracks. There’s a lot going on, but I am expecting all of it. I’m still not sure what to expect of Baltimore’s streets, and I’m both anxious to find out, and wanting to stay here, in my comfort zone. There will be a healthy amount of fear management in the next year. But not tonight. Tonight there was an easy pedal back downtown, an order of beignets, a good chat with my pops, and a walk along Frenchman, listening to the music start to pour out of the doors. Yeah, let’s try to stay in the present, but get in some longer rides to improve that cardiovascular fitness for the hills. It’s a balance.

2 thoughts on “Traffic at St. Charles & MLK

  1. Broad and Orleans starts the new bike that connects 3 bike lanes now,Orleans,Broad and Gentilly. use it and write about it before you leave. It’s going to be so boring hearing about baltimores streets, I will miss this blog the most.

  2. Your blog about riding in New Orleans has always made me look forward to me moving back…even though I have pushed the move to October. Tell one of my favorite directors John Waters hello fo me in Baltimore! The hills will be fun to ride. Just wait to you start riding up a difficult hill and in a short time it won’t be so difficult! And you get killer legs! I am looking forward to you continuing your blog in baltimore. You can always come back to nola! It is the most welcoming city in the US!

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