A.J. Michaels at York Road & Ready Lane

So the thing with living in a new town is that you pretty much do whatever the googleymap tells you to do, or at least that’s what I do. After a long day at work–first week, in the bag!–I drove home grabbed the bike, and followed the googleymap over to B. & G.’s for a lovely evening of wine, snacks, and meeting new people. My favorite part of the directions, which I repeat over and over again in my head, two or three turns in advance, was “right on Ready.” I mean, who doesn’t want to take a right on Ready? I was slooooowly making my way up Old York Road when I noticed this stop sign that didn’t appear to stop anybody from going anywhere, clearly time to take my right on Ready, which turned out to be a one-block alleyway to York Road and A.J. Michaels Company. I crossed York and went just a couple blocks west and the neighborhood was completely different, and the ride home was like being on another planet–mansions set back from the road, lavish lawns, no sidewalks, because I guess folks aren’t supposed to walk through here. I guess it matters which side of York Road you’re on. Jesus. I popped out on St. Paul and cruised back home, grateful it was downhill, because I’m tired.

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