Lush Trees in Druid Hill Park

Oh, rain, please give it a rest! And it did this afternoon. Sure, there were gray skies and clouds and some spitting, but I managed to sneak in a ride in the relatively dry afternoon after a good day of work. I decided to head over to Druid Hill Park to check out the green, and there was a lot of it. The place is less than a three mile ride from my house, and it looks like this–positively lush, nothing city at all (except for those cell phone towers, but hey, I love cell phones too). I did a lap around the reservoir and then followed the signs for the Jones Falls Trail, only to get blocked by a fallen tree. I turned around and went back the other way and ended up at a disc golf course–so that’s what those basket thingamajigs are for. I took a right on a windy road that looked to have a bike path, dropped to my baby chain ring, and spun the pedals to climb yet another hill. I got to the top and took a right to check out the neighborhood. I don’t know why that military truck was tucked away there, and I am suspicious of those yellow cubes with “Salt Box” written on them–that can’t be good. Oh, but so, so pretty! I headed back home, taking a left instead of a right at that one intersection, which ended up adding an extra couple miles–perfect. And soon the leaves will change in the park, and I’ll get to watch it. Yep, still love riding a bike.

2 thoughts on “Lush Trees in Druid Hill Park

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