High Security at the Inner Harbor’s 9/11 Memorial

Today’s bike ride took me to Waverly to meet R. for brunch and bike comparison–she’s got the blue Long Haul Trucker with big ol’ upright handlebars, and I have a feeling our bikes have some mutual exploring of bike trails to do together. Afterward we rode our bicycles our separate ways, and I headed down to the Inner Harbor to check out the sunny Sunday crowds. I took my turn onto the bike lane at Pratt Street, only to discover a whole bunch of police vans and a couple of buses parked there. Sigh. Why is everybody always parking in my bike lane? IT’S ALL I HAVE. Well, today they are all parked there providing massive security for the dedication of the 9/11 memorial. I took this picture of the yellow tape, the police in their yellow vests, the guys from the army, and the gussied-up metal detector, all under the buzz of the police helicopter circling the harbor. Somehow, none of it made me feel any safer. I rode around the harbor, thinking about how private enterprise and real estate have taken every available inch, and then back around and up the hill. Memorials are complicated, and so is memory, and I have a lot of memories today, but how I’m supposed to feel is so overdetermined that it’s hard to articulate much of anything on 9/11. I can say, though, that I’m glad I have my bicycle.

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