Streetscape Sculpture at the Public Works Museum at the Inner Harbor

Today’s bike ride took me over to Hampden for my favorite brunch and some work in my workbook and then down to the Inner Harbor to check out the art show. I did a quick zip around the booths and then decided to hit up the Public Works Museum, because I love me some public works–sewer systems, water treatment, streetlights and stoplights, all of it. But then I read the sign on the front door–the place closed in February, 2010. Sigh. I wandered around the place, all bereft at not getting to learn the history behind what’s underneath the skin of the streets, and peeked through the bars at Streetscape, a “sculpture” that shows the public works underneath a typical street with a miniature street above, complete with tiny stoplights, street signs, a fire hydrant, and an itsy bitsy traffic barrel. If the museum were open, I could walk the thing, learn about how things work to do the things that we all just take for granted, but no. I soothed my sorrows with a stop at the National Aquarium for the dolphin show, which I can do, because I’m a member–no riff raff entry for this cat! I liked the show more than I felt I ought to, because shouldn’t I be trying to Free Willy, but I still would have rather learned about the history of water treatment in Baltimore, a city on the water with water running all through it hidden by asphalt and bridges. I rode back home up the hill, another weekend in the books.

One thought on “Streetscape Sculpture at the Public Works Museum at the Inner Harbor

  1. You are amazing and maybe the museum will open by this spring and we can go together. It will probably take longer than that though I know it will open again in my life time.
    xxooxx. I can hear the ocean waves already.

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