Retro Water Fountain in Druid Hill Park

I did not want to ride my bicycle today, surprise surprise. I was tired after a long weekend and a long day, but I knew if I got myself on the bike I would be glad I did, and I was. I headed toward the park, up the hill, pant pant pant, and turned onto the Jones Falls Trail. I narrowly avoided a head-on collision with a bike, and another bike after that (we might need a light at that particular intersection) and ended up at the reservoir. I did a lap as fast as I could to get out some nervous energy and then slowed down a bit to do a second lap. I dodged a whole bunch of pedestrians, got lapped by other cyclists, and avoided the guy doing shoulder raises as he sped-walked around the oval. I stopped at this water fountain at the entrance/exit and groped around the thing trying to figure out how to get water to come out. Um, there’s a foot pedal. And when you press down on it–with your foot–the drain-thingy on the inside rattles and rises up, and then there’s the gurgling until the water sputtered out. It was like stepping back in time! Thank you, Murdock, and I hope this one lasts a hundred years, like they say it could. I rode home via Hampden, up and down the hills, happy to be back on the bike.

2 thoughts on “Retro Water Fountain in Druid Hill Park

  1. i know I should comment to show you how much I appreciate all of your entries, but… I don’t. I read them faithfully and admire your resourcefulness but then don’t issue the praises that are deserved. Know that I look forward every evening and hope to be as deterrnined each day myself/

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