Occupy Baltimore Planning Meeting in Charles Village


I had a silly long day at work–that’s a lot of teaching on a Monday, and a lot of talking and meeting and drafting and just general having of a job. I left late, drove my car home, and got right on my bike to meet up with V. for dinner and conversation. It was delicious in every way, but then it was time to ride the bike back up the hill for a second night of meetings for the upcoming Occupy Baltimore event. The crowd was big, and some were a little unruly, as crowds often are, especially when stuff feels important. I was positively in awe with the facilitators–their patience exceeded mine by far. The process is fluid, and I have lots of thoughts about it and about this “occupymovement, but it’s late, I have been sitting here for a very long time, and as you can see by this picture, I’m not wearing socks, and it is cold, but I just want to say that tomorrow at 5:00pm, starting at the Baltimore City Detention Center at 401 Eager Street, there’s a march organized by 30 organizations to protest the building and expansion of a youth jail in Baltimore. And I know that we don’t want that in this city, and folks have been working against it for a long time. That’s something I most certainly can get behind. See you tomorrow!

One thought on “Occupy Baltimore Planning Meeting in Charles Village

  1. All these Occupies need to band together on one web site to take back america, This is the first step in replacing our goverment with a goverment for the people, Not one who decides to give our money away and leave us and our kids in Debt.. Occupy America should be calling for congress and Obama to step down and reform our goverment in to one for the people, Like our Fathers of our country intended it to be… we have gotten so lost in so many laws and goverment BS it’s sad. Congress should be able to vote them selfs pay rasies..boo

    SO make one website and band together America!!!!

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