Nothing Says I Love My City Like A Full Trash Can at Calvert & Preston

I had a long day at work, but I got to cap it off with a trip to the theater with some students–win! I ate a quick dinner, mussed around on The Facebook, and then hopped on the bike to Centerstage at 700 Calvert for Stoop Stories. The show was good, if a bit narrow (attention, middle aged white dudes: your “I was drunk/high at a college party/study abroad/sporting event” story isn’t actually all that interesting), but I was tired and most ready to head home at the end. Students waited for the bus and people walked to their cars to wait out traffic, but I got to just hop on my bicycle and pedal up the hill to home. I stopped to take a picture on Calvert near Preston. Nothing says I love my city like a full trashcan. My nephew would love this one–he loves hating littering, and I have to agree with him. Littering is a dirty, dirty business, for sure. But I think other things would also say I love my city, like schools and paved streets and parks and occupied houses instead of vacants and rec centers and public pools open on time and libraries and bike lanes and reliable public transportation and maybe some other things too. But yeah, don’t litter. I can absolutely get behind that too.

2 thoughts on “Nothing Says I Love My City Like A Full Trash Can at Calvert & Preston

  1. Wait–are these cross streets? Could you take a picture of Calvert and Preston for my nephew, Preston Calvert??
    the serendipity?? Thanks Kate!!

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