Resurfacing the Street and Calvert & Preston


I have had an incredibly long and busy week that has left me exhausted, so all I could muster on my Friday was a ride down to the library to picke up a couple of movies and a book before settling in at the coffee shoppe for some browsing and reading. I rode home up Calvert Street and stopped at Preston to snap a picture of the street signs for a friend whose brother’s name is Preston Calvert–awesome. I took this photo of the street there, because it reminded me of home, those New Orleans streets that are pocked up and showing their brick undergarments, loose gravel everywhere, this time from repaving. I can’t wait for this street to be all shiny new asphalt, like Guilford. I have been here for two months, and I’m already thinking a lot about street surfaces. Oh, and keep your eyes open for that surprisingly deep sinkhole on Maryland just, across North Avenue. Get to know your street surfaces! I pedaled slowly home, hoping to get some rest for an actual ride tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Resurfacing the Street and Calvert & Preston

  1. You seem to be putting in a lot of hours this semester young lady. Are you a little home sick for NOLA? Any regrets? hugs and scratches to your assistants.

    • Yep, lots of hours at the new gig, Judy, but certainly no regrets! I’ll get it under control, sooner or later. I get homesick, but then I remind myself, patience, patience. And I definitely like the new and more challenging bicycling! Hope all is well on your end, m’dear!

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