Golden Tree in Druid Hill Park By the Disc Golf Course

I had a most lovely Sunday, up early, made earlier by the time change, housekeeping and handymanning, cat snuggling, War and Peace reading (they think they’re bored and want to fight, but I have a funny feeling that’s not going to turn out well), and then a bike ride to Hampden to meet V. for brunch and some work. After doing some learning, I hopped back on the bike and zipped over to Druid Hill Park to do some leaf peeping. I’m worried about winter, I’m not going to lie, but this autumn thing is kind of knocking my socks off. It’s so crispy out, and the park is covered with leaves. Squirrels were chasing each other through the piles and up trees, preparing for the cold–very wise. I rode around the reservoir and followed the path until I was back at that disc golf course–there are always people there; who knew so many folks were into something called “disc golf“? I snapped this picture of the view from the curve of the course. I just love that one golden tree amidst the brown ones and the grown-over has-been of an old Druid Hill Park. A picture can’t really get the color, so I suggest getting thee to the nearest fall-colored park in your neighborhood. I kept following the trail, took a right instead of a left, and rolled through reds, greens, golds, purples, and that light they call the gloaming. I rode around the new condos at the end of the trail, back up the hill, through the park, made a quick stop to let a deer cross my path–a deer!–and back around and through toward home. Cities built parks like these to give urban dwellers a place to get a little nature, rejuvenate the soul. I could say a lot about that, but today I mostly just thought, yep, totally works. It was a lovely end to a surprisingly lovely weekend.

4 thoughts on “Golden Tree in Druid Hill Park By the Disc Golf Course

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