Blighted Houses on Druid Hill Park Drive and Linden

I just haven’t been getting my bike rides in lately, what with trips and visitors and hard rains, and it is starting to grate on me. I mean, I need to ride my bicycle, and I need rides to stop these terrible dreams about losing my bike from waking me up like one did this morning. The weather report promised rain, as did the sky, but after a lovely and lazy morning, I managed to get on the bike and pedal over to Druid Hill Park for a trip around the reservoir. It wasn’t enough, but it was something, and it felt good to just spin away on the level path as the mists rolled in. I stopped to snap a picture of these blighted houses on Druid Hill Park Drive. Only the facades are left, and you can see the broken and fallen floors through the open windows. It’s one of those things that I just can’t quite figure out. In my experience, houses on Hills, Parks, and Drives usually don’t look like this, but something’s happened here. I finished my ride around the water and headed back down the hill to the coffee shoppe to meet V. and D. and some writing, but oh my, I need a good long ride soon. Patience is not my virtue.

4 thoughts on “Blighted Houses on Druid Hill Park Drive and Linden

  1. with winter arriving you might be in for some limitations on rides, but your photos and comments are riveting (sp?) come to Brooklyn soon?

  2. Yeah, falling down stuff is interesting for quick pics. Rome and Athens have made an industry from it. When center cities like this, Detroit, Indianapolis, etc crumble in America it makes wandering bike riders with cameras into lenses on our consiousness.

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