Blurry Lights at The Patterson at SE & Eastern Avenue


K. moved to Baltimore several months before I did, and we were going to be best friends, but you know how it is when you’re both starting new jobs and she’s taking on a life project and I’m learning to ride uphill, so when she asked me to join her for a show at the Creative Alliance where she works, I jumped at the chance to finally hook up. But the 5 mile bike ride in the cold at night when I’m already tired? Sure thing! Because as it turns out, getting a nice ride in is the best way to get your energy up. I cobbled together a frankenoutfit of layers, turned on my lights, and rode down the hill. As I pedaled east along Baltimore Street, I kept my eyes on the cars and signaled every time I moved even a little bit into the lane. There’s a whole lot of trust going on when you ride in traffic, and there’s not necessarily evidence that the trust is well-placed. All you can do is be as predictable as possible and communicate as best you can. Folks think riding a bike, especially at night, is incredibly dangerous, but if you follow basic safety rules, it’s actually a pleasure, and no car came even close to knocking me down. The sidewalk along Patterson Park where they suggested I ride? That’s an entirely different story. In fact, every fall I have had–and if you ride, you will fall, and you will learn that it’s ok because you just get back up–has been caused by road surfaces. Well, except for that one. Anyway, I took my turn on SE and followed the shiny lights of the Patterson Theatre. They are all a blur here; you will just have to come for a visit. What a cool place. Let’s hope I’m as chipper for the colder ride home.

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