Old Tire in the Sand at Elk Neck State Park


Well, I didn’t ride my bike there, but S. and I parked the car and walked the lighthouse trail to the lighthouse at Elk Neck State Park. This lighthouse was run by more women than any other lighthouse in the country–I smell a field trip! We walked down another trail, climbed over some rocks, and were on a little speck of sand on the Chesapeake Bay, which looked like a smudged watercolor in the gray light. It was beautiful. And then there was this wheel and tire embedded in the sand. Yes, there are people here and everywhere, and our crap is washing up and rolling down all over the place. Bah. But between you and me, even this was lovely yesterday. This part of the world is so, so pretty. Sometimes you have to leave the bike at home to see what you see by walking.

3 thoughts on “Old Tire in the Sand at Elk Neck State Park

  1. My Grandfather and Great-grandfather were lighthouse keepers on Fire Island — also their ancestors worked for the US Lightsaving service on the beach before there was a Coast Guard. Come and make a Field trip with me???

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