Railroad Tracks From the Gwynns Falls Trail near Wilkens & Dukeland

I had one of those unexpectedly busy days, literally wall-to-wall meetings since allegedly none of us have anything to do on Fridays, and I woke up already frustrated that I wouldn’t get to ride my bicycle. If you know me, or even if you don’t, you can probably guess that not riding my bike makes me a grouchy, and no bike ride on a sunny Friday afternoon? That wouldn’t be pretty. So after getting my reading and writing done in the morning, I strapped the bike onto my car and drove to campus so I could ride my bike home. Four meetings later and it was finally a real Friday. I strapped my bag onto my bike and my feet onto the pedals and zipped through Arbutus and over to the Gwynns Falls Trail for a ride. After dodging cars for a few miles, the trail was a huge relief, and it felt so good to just breeze down the hill. I stopped on a bridge to snap this picture through the chain link fence of railroad tracks and the continuing trail, watched some cranes move scrap metal from one pile to another, passed under leafless boughs, wondered about spring, said my hellos to the jogger who ignored me and dog walkers who didn’t, and ended up back at Carroll Park before peeling off to Federal Hill to meet V. and A. for a beer and dinner out. The week finally caught up with me, so I caught a ride home with V. with hopes for a sunny Saturday so I can take the bike out for more.

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