The Sun Setting in the West From Druid Hill Park

I spent my day reading and writing, proposing and meeting, and when I got home, there was only one thing in the whole world I wanted: a bicycle ride. I put on some different layers and my bike shoes, brought along some music, and clipped in to pedal over to the park to do some mindless laps. I didn’t have to think about where I was riding, particularly, so I turned up some songs and let them remind me of last year’s personal Mardi Gras soundtrack, dancing with S., just one more song before hitting the parade, and other sweet memories. Yep, I’m feeling a little homesick on this lundi gras. This morning’s reading was about how learn in museums, and that we don’t actually “learn by looking,” but that real learning is sensate and sensible; it’s affective. Gotta remember that–I’m a teacher. Riding a bike around in circles today, I learned again, very intensely, that the sun sets over there, in the west, that way. Lots to learn on the bicycle, that’s for sure. I finished my eight laps and headed back as the sun was finally down, grateful to live so close to a park and to have the time to use it–we should all be so lucky.

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