Scaffolding on a Row House at Fremont & Lanvale

It was sunny and clear out when I woke up this morning, but S. called me up after she left my apartment to warn me that it was cold and windy and not to be fooled by the lighting. You see, I have a tendency to dress aspirationally, for the weather I want rather than the weather I have, and that gets me into trouble sometimes. Heeding her advice, I layered up before heading out for a ride to Hampden for brunch and then out to UMBC to pick up my car that I left there on Friday. I got to take a different route today, through the park to Marble Hill, and then zig-zagging my way to Lafayette, but I took the slight left at Fremont, just to see where it would take me. Yeah, the good part about biking around the West Baltimore for the last six months is that I can take a different turn without worrying about getting lost. I stopped at the corner of Lanvale–oh, that street takes a weird right somewhere too–to snap a picture of this skinny row house wearing the other half of its skeleton on the outside. The streets felt so, so empty, and I wondered who decided to redo this particular corner. I continued my ride, taking a right into Loudon cemetery in search of the graves of Confederate soldiers who died at the military hospital on Federal Hill. I found them on Confederate Row out near the Frederick Ave entrance, but by that time (the place is huge) I was too tired and kind of creeped out to find Mary Pickersgill’s, but she’s in there too. I pedaled the rest of the way to my car, strapped it on, and headed back, a quick stop for ice cream. Cold, yes, but just exactly what I needed.

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