View From the Great Falls Overlook at Great Falls National Park in McLean, VA

Well, I didn’t ride my bike today, but I got a ride in a car to Great Falls National Park where I walked and walked and saw the Potomoc make its way from the Piedmont Plateau to the Atlantic Coastal Plane. Turns out that’s a big jump, especially after the Ice Age made the river levels drop 300 feet. The river’s carved its way through via ledges that make waterfalls, and it is so, so pretty. I also learned some things about the C&O canal system that operated for 100 years and employed folks up and down it to open locks, run taverns, and repair boats. I learned about how a forest can grow on these rocky ledges so near a flood zone, how northern and southern flora mix here. I saw turtles, ducks, a great blue heron, Canadian geese, and a hedgehog. I also passed dozens of dozens of fellow walkers, some bikers, and a woman on a horse. Thanks again, National Parks Service!

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