Looking West Down North Avenue From Guilford

Oh,  it feels like springtime! I put on a dress and a sweater, some short white socks, and my bike shoes and headed out to the coffee shop, flying down the hill. I peeked down at my bare legs and clips going round and round, and I saw my near future. Oh, sunshine and warmth, I’m so looking forward to our time together. After getting some writing and gossiping done with V. I headed back up the hill. I took a right and then a left to get onto Guilford to head cross over the freeway. I zig-zagged my way all the way home. It is amazing what a difference a block makes, a fact you’d think I’d be used to after all this time. A right on Lafayette took me to Barclay, and the neighborhood looked entirely different. Zig, zag, zig, zag, and then I was crossing North Avenue. I snapped this picture looking left as I waited for the light to turn. North Avenue ribbons out in either direction, and I wonder how many different sorts of neighborhoods are a couple blocks from North Avenue. Guess I’ll have to spend part of my summer zig-zagging to find out.

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