Crowd at Meyerhoff Symphony Hall at Cathedral & Park

Tonight’s ride took me flying down the hill with S. to meet V. for a night with David Sedaris at Meyerhoff Symphony Hall. The place was crowded with the adult children of Baltimore Symphony Orchestra crowd, and I scanned the place for familiar faces as we climbed the stairs to our seats in the sky, expecting to see all my colleagues from work or folks who share my coffee shops, but it was just an undulating mass. Sedaris read, I laughed, at times so hard I wasn’t breathing, other times just to play along, and then it was time to head back down the endless stairs. I snapped this picture of the swarm, and was grateful my companions wanted to eschew the book signing line. We shared a drink and then it was pedal, pedal, pedal, back up the hill. The night would have been so much more stressful if I’d had to figure out where to put my car. Now, if we can just get the place to put in some bike racks.

One thought on “Crowd at Meyerhoff Symphony Hall at Cathedral & Park

  1. I love David Sedaris and he appeared here at the Egyptian theater and was sold out the first day and saw the poster the next day. Just like when I heard, after the fact, that Bob Dylan appeared there at their concert series. Gonna pay attention this year.

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