Unite Women-MD Rally at War Memorial Plaza at Fayette & Gay

Oh, thank goodness Saturday’s here! I woke up in that mood that is only made better by a bicycle ride, so I hopped on the Surly and flew down the hill to War Memorial Plaza for the Unite Women–Maryland rally. The crowd was small, but we made the best of it. I got to give a little talk about this and that at the microphone and talk about stuff with folks after, but I wish there’d been more people–we need warm-body activism alongside our internet posting about warm-body activism.
I get why people don’t show up to things, and I get how hard it is to do the kind of legwork it takes to get people out to things in spite of all the reasons there are to not show up, so I prefer to think about what works about rallies, even when they’re small. For me, it was good practice speaking in front of people in a capacity other than “teacher.” I got to meet and talk to people engaged in different ways in politics. I got book recommendations from a student, learned about projects Occupy Baltimore is working on for spring, and realized there are lots of folks working on really interesting projects I and my students would likely find interesting. Wins for me, and I’m sure everyone there had some too. Rallies aren’t about changing minds as much as they are about feeding the minds already changed. Afterward I rode over to Federal Hill for brunch where I overheard a guy talking about having his car broken into: “I mean, the guy took the GPS when there were two hockey sticks in the trunk worth, like, twice as much.” Right, I thought, people are living in massively different worlds from mine. That’s important to remember. The rest of the day was spent riding over to Middle Branch Park and then back around the harbor and up the hill to home–just what I needed.

3 thoughts on “Unite Women-MD Rally at War Memorial Plaza at Fayette & Gay

  1. I know people have just given up making a difference in the way things go. It is hard to keep “the faith” in these days.

  2. Have I told you lately that your blog is AWESOME? No? Ok. Remind me to tell you when I see you this afternoon, please!!!!

  3. The guy you overheard probably left his car door unlocked.

    In the past 18 months, I have had THREE GPS units stolen due to the fact that my husband and I left the car unlocked because we are working on half a brain due to having our sleep wildly altered by a small child. With the second unit, the police saw it happen and brought it back. It is startling to have the police knock loudly on your door at 3AM even if they are just returning your GPS unit and getting information from you for when the kid who stole it goes to court.

    I think a young person walking around with hockey sticks in the middle of the night would look more conspicuous than one walking around with a GPS unit.

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