Tree Growing From a Building at Lafayette & Charles

Today’s ride took me up to Hampden for another bikram yoga class where I’m trying to stretch out my tight bicycling hips. Yeah, I’ve got a ways to go with that. After a quick stop at home for a shower and lunch, I took my writing project with me and flew down the hill to meet V. for a coffee and work date. These are just the kind of small errands that are done much more quickly on bike than in a car; the last thing I want to do is spend time and money parking my car in Hampden or Station North. A couple hours later and it was time to make my way back up the hill, but first I snapped this picture of an old building at Lafayette and North with trees growing out of its joints. The neighborhood is being redeveloped, with theaters and restaurants and murals that are both art and hiding the stuff that can’t just disappear when you give a neighborhood a name. I wonder what the fate of this Hogwarts admin building.

3 thoughts on “Tree Growing From a Building at Lafayette & Charles

  1. For years, the old American Brewery building on N. Gay st had a straight up forest growing out of it. I used to crawl around the inside of it and marvel at the rusting machinery inside. I am so happy that it has been repurposed by Humanim.

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