Broken Satellite Dish on a House at Bedford & Glenwood


It was a beautifully sunny day in Brooklyn, not to hot, a slight breeze, and all of it demanded our presence outside. E. and I spent our morning and early afternoon walking around Park Slope, and after a quick breather, I left her at home and took the bike out for a ride. I wanted to see water, so I checked a map and it looked like Bedford Avenue would lead me to it, so off I went. There’s a bike lane on this street, which I have quickly discovered means extra room to double park, or even another place for pedestrians to wander. I used my eyes, my bell, and my outside voice to navigate my way through. When I stopped at a red light, a pedestrian thanked me, said he’d never seen a cyclist stop before. Listen, if we’re all going to share the roads, we all have to actually share, and that includes walkers and bikers. The fairly quick 7 miles or so took me through parts of Brooklyn ithat looked like Philadelphia or Boise’s North End, or even Queens. I lived here for a number of years, but I probably saw more of Brooklyn today than in all that time. I snapped this photo of a broken satellite dish atop a brick house that looked like it belonged in Baltimore more than here, but perhaps the only reason I think that is because I have never actually seen Brooklyn. That satellite has certainly seen better days. I kept on riding, and then I was at water. I took a right and tried to feel my way to a beach, got turned around and had to look at a map again, and then I was on the beach. So, so many people, so much noise, and so many signs, but still the beach was just beautiful. We can’t mess up the ocean, yet. I rode down the boardwalk and back again, and it was already time to head home. I took Ocean Parkway, grateful to be away from parked cars, frustrated that there were still pedestrians, everywhere. Sigh. It was a long ride home, and I was thoroughly beat down, but in the very best possible way. I could go on countless rides in this city; please stay here, New York.

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