View of a Creek off Guyton & Bottom in Gunpowder Falls State Park

My dear friend S. has been in town visiting from New Orleans, which means everything feels like home, even though I’m not riding my bicycle (though this might be a good reason to get a tandem). We’ve spent time driving and walking, and today we did a little of both. S. drove us out to Gunpowder Falls State Park for some easy hiking and a session sitting ourselves in the cold waters of a creek that I swear is flowing the wrong way. We walked on one side of the water and left the other to the mountain bikers who have a trail over there. I wondered out loud when I’m going to find myself wanting a mountain bike, but I quickly decided that on days like these I really want to walk rather than negotiate on two wheels. And oh what a lovely day it was as we tramped along in search of the perfect cool swimming hole. We found one and eased our ways in, zoned out listening to the water and watching for fish, birds, humans, and other wildlife. After awhile we dried ourselves off on the rocks and headed back to the car to lunch and then home. I stopped to snap this picture because isn’t it just so beautiful? Sometimes it’s good to leave the bike at home and put on some comfortable shoes.

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