Smoggy and Cloudy Skies Over Downtown From the Druid Hill Park Reservoir

Today was the day I’ve been waiting for, the day when it’s supposed to cool off a little bit, but then it started to look like we’d have to wait until tomorrow for that, but when I looked at the weather report, it was only 95 degrees out there, so yeah, that’s a cool down. I grabbed the Surly and headed to Hampden for a fancy brunch and errands. Turns out 95 is still hot, so by the time I made it up the hill I was a sweaty mess, but I’m thinking that’s going to be the deal until September or so. I took the long way home for a quick loop around Druid Hill Park and to see if the pool was jumping. Downhill is a dream in this weather, so I let the hill carry me down and the warm breeze cool me just a little bit. The park pool was empty due to Code Red Heat Alert as people waited in shade for their turn to enter, the sky looked all cloudy and smoggy, and the trip around the reservoir was a bit of a slog. I finished my turn and headed down and up and down the hill home. Maybe those skies will open up and cool us off tomorrow.

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