Corner House at Mayfield & Kenly

Today’s ride took me over to Lake Montebello for an easy couple of laps around before heading to the frozen yogurt place. I was feeling rather out of sorts, and it took awhile for the ride to put me back in. Near the end of the first lap I got off the path and rode around the surrounding neighborhoods a bit. I haven’t ridden over here, and it only took a few minutes for me to feel lost in a weird part of the city, kind of like that one part of Broadmoor in New Orleans that feels suddenly like you’re improbably in Boise’s North End (but only if you’re from there, I’m guessing). But then it was rows upon rows of brick squares and then row houses down an alley, and I couldn’t really figure who lives back here. I took this picture of a house raised up on the corner of Mayfield and Kenly after riding around, marveling at how quickly individual houses on individual lots can become novelty, and also, why do some people need/get so much space? And then I wasn’t lost anymore, because there’s Erdman and there’s Harford Road, and now I’m back at the lake. I did another lap before heading home, and by that time the path was getting just a bit busy. Oh, parks, how I love thee!

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