A Back Seat on the Sidewalk at Fallsway & E. Fayette

Last night I walked down to North Avenue to meet S. for a night of ten minute plays. I left before 8:00pm, but it was already dark out–a sure sign that fall is in the air. You wouldn’t know it from the weather, though. Today it was hot and muggy, unpleasantly so, but it felt a little better to be on the bike and flying down the hill (thought the flying was slowed by the wind). I zipped along, dodging the mini vans and SUVs picking up kids from school and the buses that came three in a row–I wonder how long folks waited for those. I took my left on Center Street, right on Fallsway, and jumped up on the sidewalk, since that’s where the bike route takes you. I stopped just before Fayette to snap this picture of the backseat of a car that’s been sitting there for months. I wonder who put it there, or if anyone will ever move it. I’ve seen lots of folks using it, so maybe it’ll just stay there and add seating to the tiny park/courtyard to the right of this scene. It was still there on my way back, still room, if anybody needs a place to sit down for a bit.

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