Clouds Rolling in Over Federal Hill From Montgomery & William

I woke up to a warm morning, 96% humidity, and gray skies that wore off to blue. Sure, maybe not the best for a long bike ride in the city, but it’s Defenders Day, and E. and I were on tap to lead a tour of historic sites related to the War of 1812. Then I looked at the weather report, and E. called, and we decided to postpone the ride due to expected thunderstorms and possible tornadoes. Our citizen soldiers never would have made such a choice. They weather was still nice, if breezy, so I hopped on my bike and headed over to Locust Point for a little self care, planning to hit up Fort McHenry afterward to ease my regret over cancelling the tour. After a quick wig removal, I stepped outside, planning to make another stop for froyo, but then I looked at the sky. Yep, that’s what a storm looks like when its rolling in. I got back on the bike and pedaled as fast as I could as the sky took on more and more layers of gray. I stopped at William and Montgomery before hitting the Inner Harbor trail (still blocked in several spots by stupid Grand Prix detritus–thanks for the detour signs *grumble grumble*) and took this picture of the early afternoon’s blue skies getting run over by storm clouds. I could literally feel the temperature dropping as I headed down and around and back up the hill. Pedal, pedal, pedal, wind, darker skies, strong winds, pedal, pedal, and I made it home just three minutes before the rain came down. Nature’s a trip.

4 thoughts on “Clouds Rolling in Over Federal Hill From Montgomery & William

  1. A tornado can squeeze not only your bike but your house too. So check the weather report for possible tornadoes everyday not only to cancel the ride but perhaps to hide in the basement to be secured while a tornado destroys everything above the ground level.

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