Blue Skies and Blight at Fallsway & Chase

Tuesday was another busy day for me, so I didn’t have time for a long bike ride. In fact, I didn’t feel like I had time for a bike ride at all. But I wanted to sneak in a trip to the gym, and I’m certainly not going to drive a car three piddly miles, so I hopped on the bike and sped down the hill for a quick turn and a ride back up the hill. I know I’ve been on about the weather shift for awhile, but the skies are really incredible. I was in a hurry–my least favorite place to be–but as soon I was on my bike that hurried sense started to fade as I paid attention elsewhere. That’s one part of riding a bike that I like so much–you have to pay attention to the outside of your home, your office, your head, because if you don’t, you might get hit by a car or ride into a pothole or over a roofing nail blown into the street in a previous storm. I stopped at the top of Fallsway to snap this picture of the blow sky, just a little of the vacant building that’s one of many heading east, and a hint of green and stretch of the streetlight. All blue skies, but the rest is the same too. And then I was back up the hill and glad I’d gone for a spin, as per usual, and continued about my day, capping it off with Baby’s First Ride on the light rail down to see the O’s pull out another win. Light rail. I could get into that.

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