Goat at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore in Druid Hill Park

Today’s ride took me over to Druid Hill Park and around to the zoo to meet S. and her family. We haven’t seen each other in years and years, but because of The Interwebz we are still in touch. When she had a few free hours to spend in this fair city I was the lucky recipient of escorts for my first trip to the zoo. I biked over and locked up to the bike rack they had right outside the main zoo entrance. I wish they had racks right outside the entrances–or even close to them–of more places, but I’ll save that rant. We wandered in where we moved at the pleasant quarter time speed of an almost-three year old, checking out chocolate milk, ducks, birds, rhinos, chimpanzees, big cats, and some farm animals, including a sheep that sent the kid sobbing to his mom with a single baaaaa. I snapped this picture of a goat in goat petting pen. He was standing alone on platform while the goats half his size clustered around the hay piles and let themselves get touched and brushed by all the kids. I wonder what he thinks about all day as we traipse in and out of their space and get all handsy. Zoos are depressing in that way, especially when you can see the intelligence in their eyes. S. and family had to head back to their hotel, so I bid my adieu and headed to see the polar bears before heading toward home myself, a quick stop for brunch where the talk was all baseball and then a lazy afternoon with S.

2 thoughts on “Goat at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore in Druid Hill Park

  1. Watching a Nat’l Geo program “Wings” and you have to believe the intelligence of birds after that. Sometimes I do wonder what they think about all day and if they should get a job…

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