Empty Mail Trucks at Front & E. Lexington

It was sunny and a little breezy and I had finished up grading that stack of papers called “midterms,”and I got to get on my bike and head up to Hampden to meet V. for lunch and some window shopping. Then it was back on the bike and down the hill for a whirl around the weight machines at the gym, and then back up the hill. I didn’t have time to take much of a long way back home, so I just took an early right for a few blocks. I pass behind the post office all the time, but north of E. Lexington the postal trucks are all backed up against the wall, waiting to be filled. Totally mundane, but there you are, sometimes you see the bones behind the operation, and they’re really old trucks. Right on Low, left on High, past Pothouse Alley, and a left to go the wrong way for a block on Ga, all real street names, and up the hill to home. The trees are looking good these days, really, really good. I want to come back as one of the red ones. Oh, fall, you are good for bicycling.

2 thoughts on “Empty Mail Trucks at Front & E. Lexington

  1. Oh, but the sight of those mail trucks makes me want to don shorts and a pith helmet, grab my mailbag and hit the street. A guy can dream, right?

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