Fall Colors on the Jones Falls Trail Behind the Zoo in Druid Hill Park

I didn’t feel like going for a bike ride or going to the gym or doing much of anything but crawling in my bed with a book after a long day of staring at my computalator waiting for words. But come on, I could at least go for a short ride, just up to the park and back, you know you want to. I aspirationally put on my new winter wool top, put air in the tires, and I was off. It took about three revolutions to be so, so happy I was out on my bike. The bike is a totally different machine with its tires all aired up, I swear–I was flying! I headed up to the park to check out the scene Z. from downstairs photographed last week, but the skies were cloudy, and the colors just weren’t as popping against that background. I decided to leave the circle and head over toward the zoo and the back side of the Jones Falls Trail. And then it was just outrageous, the colors. I snapped this picture just as I was entering the zig zags on the way to Woodberry. It was just a carpet of yellow and orange leaves, and the trees were all colors and they seemed endless. I zigged, I zagged, I marveled, and then I was taking a right through the mill, across the train tracks, and I was somewhere I hadn’t been before, but then I was back where I am all the time, on Falls Road heading toward Maryland Avenue and a right to downtown. I love how on a bike you can take just one different turn, and you’re somewhere new, but if you just keep pedaling, you’ll figure out where you are. I stopped for a beer before heading back home. Yep, pretty much living my best life now.

One thought on “Fall Colors on the Jones Falls Trail Behind the Zoo in Druid Hill Park

  1. Proud you went on the bike ride. Should take a lesson from you as I would have fallen on the bed, cried a little and then taken a nap with the kittens on my feet.

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