Lit Up Rat at the Lantern Parade in Patterson Park

S. got her bike new wheels and cables and brakes after it got stripped earlier this year, which means S. has a bike now. That means we can ride bikes together places–this is most excellent news! Tonight she came over in her cow suit with a skeleton suit for me, and we got to zip down the hill and to the left for the Lantern Parade in Patterson Park. I went to the parade last year by myself, but left early. Even a glimpse of it, though, made me feel better, like even though I wasn’t in New Orleans anymore, there were still people doing things like building a glowing rat thing, mounting it on a car surrounded by people wearing glowing hats trailed by all kinds of lit-ups stuff. And bands–just drums, but bands. This year I needed a reminder that I’d want such things, so this was just perfect. And then S. and I pedaled back home. I remember hearing about this cow suit and that she just keeps wearing it every year, and now here it is, a year, and yep–there’s the cow suit. It was a lovely ride on a lovely, warm night, but the winds are already starting to kick up. Here’s to a keeping safe when that hurricane blows through in the next day or two.

3 thoughts on “Lit Up Rat at the Lantern Parade in Patterson Park

  1. Remember how someone wore that cat suit every year until the tail got lost. The costume was from the 1920s and do not know whatever became of it. Love that S. wears the same cow suit every year. Great tradition.

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