View Over the Jones Falls From the Wyman Park Drive Overpass Over the JFX

Finally, I got to take a bike ride again. This out-of-town-and-working business is really putting a dent in my bicycling time, amongst other things. I only had about 45 minutes to spare on this busy work day, but I took what I could get and hopped on the bike toward Druid Hill Park for a few quick laps around the reservoir. It rained all night and through the morning, but the sun was coming out, turning everything golden, especially the trees on Remington and Wyman Park Drive. I took that left and oh, it was so lovely and I thought I could maybe really love Baltimore. I snapped this picture looking over the overpass on Wyman Park Drive as it crosses over the Jones Falls before continuing my ride and doing my turns around the water. In a car, you’ll ever see this scene; you might not even know the Jones Falls is under all that. There were lots of big puddles, a headwind on the far side, and it gets a little awkward to do your how-you-doin’s to the runner you’re passing every 6 minutes. i turned to home, wished I could ride further and longer, and remembered that after this weekend’s trip, it’s a good long winter with nowhere to go but somewhere on my bike. No such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.

2 thoughts on “View Over the Jones Falls From the Wyman Park Drive Overpass Over the JFX

  1. so glad you got out there. I worry about your inability to relax and SLEEP. There is an answer but you have to find it. Deep breathing!

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