People Gathered at the Maryland Heights Overlook at Harper’s Ferry National Park

Ok, so this isn’t what I saw riding my bike around today. It’s what I saw riding my bike around today. It’s what I saw yesterday when S. and I lugged our over-buffet-ed Thanksgiving selves up the side of the hill that felt like a mountain, and as you can see, we weren’t the only ones who had the idea yesterday. There were so many different types of people making that walk yesterday. There was the little girl in her Junior Ranger vest with all her Junior Ranger patches (yes, I was jealous) walking with her dad and grandparents, the family of slow-movers and their grinning dog, the Western wear couple–that woman was going to climb the thing in heeled boots!–and the family that wouldn’t listen to the woman who correctly noted that to go left would be to add a whole lot of miles to the day. People passed us, we passed people, and we all ended up here before rolling back down the hill for beer at that one restaurant. It was such a lovely day, perfect really, and I’m glad I left the bike at home. But the towpath following the river? Next time, next time. I was back on the bike today, but just for a quick ride down the hill for drinks and a movie, and on the ride back, the smooth asphalt covering over the most recent water main break. Lots of people were doing the same thing tonight–it seems we’re on to something over the past few days. It was a nice spin up the hill to home. It’s starting to actually get cold, and I’m giving thanks for windstopper fleece gloves.

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