A Condo on a Pier at the Harbor at Leakin St.

Condo on Legs in the Harbor at Leakin St.I faced a bit of a quandary this morning. I had three places to be today, and in time constraints that meant biking was out of the question, but just barely. And it was a sunny day–first one in awhile–and that meant biking had to happen. Solution? Pop the Brompton in the back seat, drive to the first destination, bike to the second and back, and then return Brompty to the car before driving to campus. This is why they pay me the big bucks. I checked the map to figure out how to get to Canton by car and headed out for another swim lesson. 45 minutes later I was unfolding the bike and mazing my way around Canton and Highlandtown, bright sun and blue skies. I ended up back at the water on this path along the harbor. I snapped this picture looking west at the condo that seems precariously balanced on a pier built just to hold them there. It’s wild, this part where we just build ourselves some land out into the water. I mean, it’s not the Panama Canal, but there’s some serious hubris here. You can’t walk on that pier unless you have a key to the gate that stretches between the side wall of the condo and the water, but I’m guessing their view’s subsidized by the rest of us somehow. The view from where I was, though, was just loverly, and I slowly pedaled around the harbor for a break at the Fells Point pier before heading to Harbor East to meet my colleagues for a celebratory end-of-the-year lunch. I took the short way back to the car, pedaling as fast as I could to drive to campus, paying the tunnel toll to get to there. My colleagues beat me by about 10 minutes. I drove home and parked for what might be last time for a week. Nothing but bikes for me from now until after Christmas if all goes according to plan. Lucky me, lucky me.

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